The Icon 2014 : EXPLODE

Tarumanagara English Club (TEC) presents National English Competition "THE ICON 2014 : EXPLODE". The theme this year come with the idea, to explore something new in differences that we owned. One such manifestation of the is in the realization of the English Competitions that we have.
You will have the opportunity to partake in six different fields that will challenge your English Capacity in line with the theme. Each field will test your level of English and each field differs one from the other. The diversification of competition includes; scrabble, news casting, storytelling, short stories, spelling bee, and quick and smart.

Just like our last year English competition, this year THE ICON 2014 is also open for national. So all of High School Students & Varsity Students in Indonesia could participate in our English Competition and expand their ability to national level.
Expect many fun moments, make friends and test your English skills in this upcoming competition on the 12th March in Tarumanagara University. With this we would like to request the honor of your presence to participate on another challenging, explorative, different experience, awesome competition. So what are you waiting for? Register now!

Organized By: 
Tarumanagara English Club (TEC) from Tarumanagara University

"EXPLODE: Exploration of Diversity"

High School Students and Varsity Students

Date and Place:
12-14th March, 2014
Tarumanagara University, Campus 2
Hall A, 16th & 17th floor
Hall B-C, 3rd floor

Inneke - 08998386091
Felicia - 081213926274
Twitter: @THEICON2014
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